Modification Examples

Brodersen strives to simplify systems through innovative products and services. As a manufacturer of high-performance RTUs and outstation controllers, we have a flexible mindset and base our products and platforms on open and flexible solutions. For this reason Brodersen is able to meet and adjust to almost any end user need.


In the following we have listed some of the experiences gained through modifications. These have enabled our partners to win more projects and solve challenges better than they usually would by means of conventional equipment.


Distribution Substation Monitoring & Control

Project:Monitoring and Control of more than 1,800 Distribution Substations via IEC60870-5-101


Challenges:Our system integrator’s existing RTUs were not cost-efficient enough to win the project.


Modifications:Brodersen modified the existing RTU870 with the following features:


  • Design and implementation of file transfer function to transfer local connected IEC1107C and IEC60870-5-102 meters data via IEC60870-5-101 protocol to the SCADA system
  • Added a TTY interface for communication with local meters
  • Redesigned the internal UPS to support 24V batteries
  • Added a V.23 Leased Line modem for communication to RTU data concentrators
Outcome:With this redesign our customer was able to provide an offer and proceeded to win the tender. The total project included implementation of a complete solution from top-end SCADA center to installation of small Brodersen RTU in more than 1,800 substations.


Redundant Radio & GSM Network

Project:Monitoring and Control of more than 1,200 km Gas Pipeline via IEC60870-5-101 over Redundant Radio and GSM Network


Challenges:Our system integrator’s existing RTUs were not cost-efficient enough to win the project.


Modifications:Brodersen modified the existing RTU32 and RTU870 with the listed features:


  • Design and implementation of redundant IEC60870-5-101 Slave with up to 3 parallel Master connections over radio and GSM
  • Provided prepared communication routines for mapping in data from a range of connected Modbus Slave devices

In addition, Brodersen provided onsite application support through our highly skilled application engineers to reduce time and cost of the overall application development.


Outcome:With this redesign our customer was able to submit an offer and proceeded to win the tender.


Harsh Environment Satellite Communication

Project:Gas Pipeline Monitoring Using Satellite Communication


Challenges:The monitoring of 600 km of gas pipeline in the Middle East required equipment designed for harsh environment and a cost-efficient communication solution via satellite. The remote sites were without any infrastructure utilities and communication coverage such as electricity and GSM.


Modifications:After evaluating the general requirements with the system integrator, Brodersen modified the existing RTUCOM with the following features:


  • Design and specification of a complete communication protocol for Thrane & Thrane satellite modems to be used from SCADA Master system to remote sites
  • Implementation of a special message protocol in the RTUCOM
  • Development of a template application for the RTUCOM that handled the remote site communication with the SCADA system, handled several power reducing functions and local monitoring functions
  • Modification of the internal battery charger controller supply to meet application requirements
Outcome:The primary benefit for our customer and eventually the end customer was reduced communication costs. It was estimated that costs were reduced by more than USD 50,000 annually in comparison with a conventional satellite communication solution.


Small Pump Station Controller

Project: Pump Station RTU for OEM


Challenges:A UK-based system integrator making large water management system requested a small and reliable pump station controller designed to run with their existing SCADA and Control solution.


Modifications:System integrator and Brodersen agreed on the final hardware and software requirements based on the RTU8 platform. The final specification contained the following elements:


  • A special heart beat was added to the CPU to control special firmware function required in the application
  • An application controllable loop power supply for analogue inputs was implemented
  • OEM version firmware was developed based on OEM customer requirements. The firmware was designed to support OEM customer’s own application development tool and proprietary communication protocols
  • A range of OEM products was created with OEM branded labels
  • Interface terminal boards were designed for analogue inputs of both RTUs and I/O Expansion modules
Outcome:The OEM RTU provided by Brodersen complemented the customer program of RTUs and made it possible to deliver cost-efficient and flexible solutions for larger water companies. More than 5,000 RTUs have been supplied and installed in UK pump stations for fresh and wastewater applications.


Off-the-shelf Redundancy

Project:Airport Asset Management System


Challenges:Danish-based airport solution provider requested controllers for a landing light monitoring system. The requirement included:


  • Fast and reliable redundant network communication features
  • Open and adjustable embedded software for adding features such as automatic remote configuration, bulk configuration and programming
Modifications:The airport solution provider reviewed the RTU32 Series and found that it already met most of the requirements. In terms of redundant communication, additional requirements were requested by the customer. After clarifying the requirements, Brodersen implemented a redundant communication feature to the fast event-based STRATON protocol.


Outcome:The RTU supplied by Brodersen enabled the solution provider to offer a secure and reliable solution based on off-the-shelf equipment.


Multi Communication Interface Metering Application

Project:Remote Metering Application in the Middle East


Challenges:Our client, being a system integrator delivering large water management systems in the Middle East, requested a small and reliable RTU supporting redundant communication facilities via direct and/or dial connections for storing water flow meter data. Historical data needed to be available from several communication interfaces and include special facilities for searching and uploading meter data from the RTUs installed remotely.


Modifications:The system integrator and Brodersen cooperated on defining the final requirement specification for communication interfaces and data logging facilities. Based on the specification, Brodersen implemented the following modifications to our standard RTU8:


  • Third serial interface was added to the RTU8
  • New data logging function was designed and implemented
  • A Modbus Slave communication driver was added to support the extra serial port using special mirrored functions. The objective was to enable operation of the RTU8 from any serial interface – local or remote
Outcome:Apart from offering a highly reliable and cost-efficient solution, the meter reading application includes more than 140 sites and is now setting the trend in the area.


Smart Homes by SMS

Project:Building Management in Ireland


Challenges:Smart home application supplier asking for alarming and simple remote control via SMS text massages. New homes in Ireland are being fitted with Brodersen’s GC-10 RTU to enable home owners or tenants to remotely control and monitor their SMART home via SMS text messaging. The system monitors and controls the heating, immersion heater, lights, fire alarm, burglar alarm and the tank level inside a house.


Modifications:The standard GC-10 RTU was modified with several special features that included:


  • Special code to reset the unit to default settings
  • Special configurations via SMS text messages
  • Delivered with final application loaded and SIM card
Outcome:All the special requirements were implemented and more than 500 GC-10 devices were delivered and installed in Ireland.


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